Sunday, 31 May 2015

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - F I N I S H E D ! ! !

Well that's that then.

5494 words - I could have done with another 250 words to finish it how I really wanted, but at pretty much the maximum I can do no more.

It is now ready to be taken round some printers tomorrow to be printed and bound, and if that fails I'll print it off at work and stick it in ring binders, as one way or another it is going in the post on Tuesday with guaranteed next day delivery.

This EMA has pretty much dominated the last 4 weeks of my life, and if I come up short it is not due to a lack of effort - lack of direction or understanding possibly - but not lack of effort.

And it looks good, even if I do say so myself, it is neat and tidy and where necessary colourful, hopefully that is worth a mark or two.

Day off tomorrow, hopefully I can get the printing sorted by lunch time and then get on with the rest of my life.......

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