Thursday, 7 July 2011

DD101 Introducing the Social Sciences - TMA 05

"Write a report that examines how people use expert and lay knowledge about risks in order to live with them."

So this TMA is basically about writing a report, not an essay.

Title Page
Section on Definitions
Section on Living with Risks

Keep the sections succinct, adjust the language and style of writing to a report, add headings and  numbered sections and try and answer the question in 1250 words, well 1375 words once the 10% is added - its not a lot of words.

I seem to have just over the 10% word count for the Intro and Conclusion, but defining Expert Knowledge and Lay Knowledge is taking a lot of words, which means what should be the bulk of the report is a bit thin.... but with only 1375 words, I'm not sure what to cut.
I have about a week to go until I have to submit it, so I'll leave it for a bit and re-read it, besides I am a bit behind on reading Chapter 3.

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