Thursday, 2 July 2015

Open University Blogs

One new blog to mention (well new to me) and one blog revived and back in the game.

New one first. Serendipity, history and me is a blog from Leanne covering many things, one of which is her study with the OU. I haven't read a lot on this yet but she seems fairly active on the surviving the OU website.

The old blog was from Damien at oustudentlife , which was a good read until he appears to have become completely disillusioned with DD102 (which I can see is possible) and he disappeared. Well the good news is that months on he has completed DD102 and ready to crack on in pursuit of a Psychology degree. If nothing else, I remember Damien from uncovering the strange case of the plagiarised blog. Look forward to more from him soon.

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - Two weeks to go.......

It has been a really strange time overe the last month, I seem to be able to forget about the impending EMA mark for days on end, and then something will happen and I start obsessing again. The website says that the mark will be available by the 17th July, but anecdotal posts seem to suggest the mark can come through 2 weeks, 10 days, one week before the deadline, consequently I have been visiting the OU website, more in hope than realistic hope, to see if there is any news.

There is no news.

I guess when there is news Facebook will go mental and that will be the cue to visit the website.  

Saturday, 27 June 2015

DD306 : Living Political Ideas - Facebook Page

It appears that this years DD306 Facebook page may be staying open for those starting in October 2015.

You can find it here DD306 Facebook Page

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - Results just one month to go.....

Time seems to be dragging towards the course result, but at least we'll know within the month, but hopefully sooner.

And I want feedback, not just a mark ! ! !

Saturday, 6 June 2015

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - Course Review

Well, time for the course review.

This course review is more difficult than the others courses I have reviewed, as without an exam to revise for, all I can actually remember from the course at this point is the Econometrics tutorials and the EMA project.

This course has not been as much of a revelation as DD209 was, and I think it has suffered from quite a bit of overlap with DD209 - especially the section on game theory, therefore there was not nearly as much new stuff.

To be honest I can't actually remember much about the sections or the TMAs that hasn't been written previously on the blog.

If I was going to give an advice on the course it would be to engage with Econometrics as soon as you can, and also read ahead to the Books 2:1 and 2:2 and choose a area of interest as soon as possible to get as good a run up on the EMA as possible.

I chose econometrics because you are in far more control of the project. In comparison Primary Data Projects means getting questionnaires out and getting permissions from employers or groups can be a nightmare and getting returns can also be a problem. Secondary Data Projects means wading through tons of other peoples reports and attempting to churn something of value out of it - just too much time reading stuff of no interest - I would find it difficult to motivate myself.

Also, the Econometrics Forum is well run and really active. Graham who is the tutor running it is really helpful and can steer you in the right direction to find a suitable data source and then offer advice after that.

Other than that, if you have done DD209 and done reasonably well, DD309 will be a walk in the park. I have had by far and away the highest marks ever for my TMAs, I put a great deal of effort into them but there was nothing that earth shattering about any of these essays.

All in all, I suppose DD309 has been a bit of a disappointment in terms of learning loads about economics, but if I get the mark I need then I suppose I'll be satisfied with the experience.

Not a great endorsement, is it :-(

Also, as I am lucky and I am still on the transitional fees, the courses work out at about £25 per week, which is pretty good value considering the website, books and tutors. The new full time fees in England makes it nearly £85 per week (£2,700 for DD309), and I not sure I'd be as happy about that.

One more to go then I guess my academic career is really finished, it would have been fun to do a Masters, but it is unlikely that my finances will allow that.

Friday, 5 June 2015

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - Week 33 - EMA CUT OFF

Assessment: PROJECT (EMA) (cut-off date 5 Jun)

That's all folks....... officially the end if the course

Hope you all got your EMAs in on time and that they were as you would have wished them to be. I guess that is it until the marks come through, probably mid-July.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - At last

Diane must have come back off of her lunch break and the website has been updated, Plan B can officially be scrapped, I can stand down the local college printers and we return to DEFCON 1.

So that is a big relief, absolutely nothing more I can do now, it is completely out of my hands.

So nothing else to do except keep my fingers crossed until mid-July.

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - er... still no news

Well if the website update was scheduled to happen over night, either it didn't happen or there is still a queue or problem with the OU accepting my EMA.....

.... and let's hope Diane hasn't taken a days leave.

The EMA has been with the OU for over 24 hours. I may have to phone them later today.