Saturday, 12 April 2014

DD209 Running The Economy : Week 26

 Week 26: Global public goods

Just finished Chapter 16: Inequity and Redistribution (Week 23's work) so beginning to panic slightly that the TMA is going to be a bit rushed.

After Chapter 15 being really good, this was just a bit lame. Gini Coefficients, Lorenz Curves, measures of inequality PTR and the IRON TRIANGLE, it took a whole chapter to say what could have been said in far fewer words.

Oh well, on to Week 24s work, lets hope that is a s simple.

Monday, 7 April 2014

DD209 Running The Economy : Week 25

 Week 25: Government action, public goods and welfare economics 

WEEK 25 !!!! It is starting to really worry me how far I am behind.

I am just finishing week 22. I know there is a study break coming up for a week but this TMA is going to be another struggle, especially as I'm off abroad again at the end of the week.......


Chapter 15 : Trade and Inequality, the best chapter of the book so far. Really interesting to see economic models showing how trade can increase inequalities between and within countries, and how government tariffs and import taxes may benefit domestic firms and the government but overall the effect is negative and it is the consumer who pays for this.

If the rest of the book is like this is should be a pleasure to read.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

DD209 Running The Economy : TMA04 Marked and returned

TMA04's mark was a very pleasant surprise, highest TMA mark so far, especially given the situation under which the last TMA was written. It sort of makes up for the last TMA which I though deserved a better mark based on the tutors comments.

It is one thing writing a TMA with the books in front of you, this part of the exam will be a challenge I think.

So I guess this mark should supply the motivation needed to get on and finish the last section.

Monday, 31 March 2014

DD209 Running The Economy : Where has the motivation gone........

I've really hit the study-buffers, and I just can't get motivated to open the books for the last section and considering what a rush it was in the end to get TMA04 submitted you'd think I'd know better.

My tutor has promised that the TMA will be back by, or on, Wednesday, so I'm hoping that receiving the mark and feedback will re-ignite my study mojo.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

DD209 Running The Economy : iCMA43 Returned

Looks like the iCMA takes 8 days to mark and check as the mark has just arrived on the Assessment page today.

Really happy with my score, and it would have been even better apart from my not knowing my left from my right, but then multiple choice, open book tests done over three weeks should really get pretty good scores.

Anyway, another positive mark to push my overall score to where I want it......

So one more TMA, one more iCMA and the exam and that's it for DD209.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

DD209 Running The Economy : Week 23

Week 23: Inequality and redistribution

Update: Monday 24th March 12:00

I have not had a chance to even look at Section 5......

Sunday was a marathon TMA writing day, in-between the usual Sunday past times and I am now thoroughly fed up and bored of competition models.

I have just over the maximum word count and I think 5 diagrams so I am now pretty much finished. I will give it one more read through tonight and try and edit about 30 words out of the text to get below the word count, and examine it against the student notes of what is required but to be honest I have neither the time nor the inclination to do nay major re-writes if I have got this all wrong.

At least I have the Easter study gap week to catch up with stuff on before the last TMA is due. So, I need to get this submitted and get motivated to start the reading again......

The study is getting a bit relentless now....... I have to remember that I am supposed to be doing this for fun.