Friday, 27 July 2012

A222 - Exploring Philosophy : Looks like its going all the way......

Well just a week to go until the date by which the module result "should be available" and it looks as though it will go right to the wire...... well I'm certainly not expecting any news over this weekend.

So I'll have to be patient and will expect to get my result when back in the UK, and therefore access to internet services, in a week or so :-)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A222 - Exploring Philosophy : Still waiting.....

This is agony....... I'm waiting for the exam and module result for A222 and completely separately an exam result for a professional exam and it is 'doing my nut'.

The Open University don't help matters with their imprecise use of the English language. The website says "The module result should be available by the 3rd August".

The use of the word 'by' indicates to me that it could well happened before this date.

The use of the word 'should' however casts doubt on it happening by this date.

Which is it !!!

Why could they not simply have written ""The module result will be available on the 3rd August", and ensure it is so.

Emailing the OU was little use, they were unable to shed light on any timetable at all. It appears that the 3rd August is the date for many courses, so I suspect that this is simply the end of their academic year and then they all go off on holiday.

The problem for me is that unless I get the result in the next week, I will just after then be working on a remote island with no readily available internet and no mobile phone networks - so it could be some time before I get the result.

Come on Open University - get on with it !!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A222 - Exploring Philosophy : Waiting.........

Well that is pretty much 4 weeks since the exam, and three weeks until the date by which we should have received our module results.

I hope we get them earlier, as the wait is driving me mad.