Wednesday, 29 March 2017

DD306 - Living Political Lives: what is the point of the TMA reflection.......

This was my last to find a tutor who marks TMAs really quickly (apparently they do exist), 6th module and 7th tutor, but so far nothing back.

So, I'll moan about something else while I'm here. What is the point of the 50 word TMA self reflections that are a required part of this course. I cannot see what information can be understood or conveyed in these 50 words, the whole exercise seems a complete waiste of a couple of minutes of our valuable time.

I shall add this to the list of unanswered questions such as what is the point of the substitution calculation, especially in light of the fact that grade boundaries are flexible.

I will ask these again when the course survey comes round, but doubt there will be an answer this time either.

Time to check the website again........

Monday, 27 March 2017

DD306 - Living Political Lives : Impatient for my TMA result

The TMA deadline has passed, so I'll now get to see how prompt my new tutor is. Considering I submitted well before the deadline, I'd hope mine will be a prompt return.

This is my first TMA in a year, and so I am impatient for the mark, although to be honest due to the scores in the other 4 TMAs the mark is pretty unimportant for my overall grade, but very important as far as motivation and confidence is concerned leading into the last TMA and the EMA.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

DD306 - Living Political Lives - Room 5 (the final module)

I've been at this degree for six and a half years, basically a module a year and a year off to concentrate on my Edinburgh Fringe show, and now I am starting the last module and have only 1 TMA and 1 EMA to go to finish the degree.

TMA is due before 8th May, and the EMA before 30th May. I have made this a bit more difficult by booking holiday 12th to 28th May, and regardless of my best intentions, I never get anything done on holiday, so best get it sorted as soon as possible.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

DD306 - Living Political Lives - Week 23

TMA week

The first TMA for over a year has been submitted.

I am pretty sure I have answered the question. Was going to look at the problems of political representation for the disabled and LGBT communities, but simply ran out of words discussing disability - so that is what it is on.

The course notes seemed to be steering folk towards discussing gender and sexuality - so I have concentrated on the disabled, specifically those with learning disabilities.

I think it is pretty good, the proof will be in the mark though.