Thursday, 2 July 2015

Open University Blogs

One new blog to mention (well new to me) and one blog revived and back in the game.

New one first. Serendipity, history and me is a blog from Leanne covering many things, one of which is her study with the OU. I haven't read a lot on this yet but she seems fairly active on the surviving the OU website.

The old blog was from Damien at oustudentlife , which was a good read until he appears to have become completely disillusioned with DD102 (which I can see is possible) and he disappeared. Well the good news is that months on he has completed DD102 and ready to crack on in pursuit of a Psychology degree. If nothing else, I remember Damien from uncovering the strange case of the plagiarised blog. Look forward to more from him soon.

And just in......

GlamChem from Amy King who describes herself as Cockney Chemist. Studying Chemistry via the OU, teacherSTEM education consultant, educational ambassador & ukfechat contributor

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