Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader : Q & A in Luton

Well it wasn't easy getting there, 90 mins of heavy traffic, changed road layouts, confused TomTom and road works diversions which took me to parts of Luton I don't expect I'll ever see again, but I eventually got to the Luton venue just in time.

The venue was full and the crowd were a lot younger than I had imagined. Jeremy Corbyn spoke for about 40 mins on various things such as how 0.5% Corporation Tax could make further education free for all, and preferable to the impending possibility of removing fee caps whereby Oxbridge universities can price all but the very rich from their courses, on stopping  multinationals such as Boots from avoiding paying tax on UK based profits, on protecting social and council housing from being sold off, on a sensible minimum wage, on scrapping Trident and various other topics.

It would appear from media reports that there is a real momentum behind #Corbyn4Leader, and I really hope this is maintained all the way through to the ballot. This could be the start of a popular movement for social responsibility, it could be exciting times ahead.

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