Thursday, 20 June 2013

DD209 Running The Economy : Course TMA & iCMA Information

"The DD209 module website will open on 26 September 2013", I'm not sure why the website opens so late. It is a source of great frustration that the OU keeps the Online website closed until the course has almost started. It is a good job that the Facebook group has started as this has been pretty useful so far with some links and ideas with regard  to study materials.

The one thing the website does however say is that we will have ONLY 5 TMAs, 4 iCMAs and an exam as marked components. The first observation, although the dates could change, is that this year we can look forward to Christmas and New Year without either TMAs to write or waiting on marks to come back - so somebody has planned this using common sense.

However, I have no idea what a iCMA is ? Interactive computer marked assessment I suppose - so an online test - but is it time limited and what are you supposed to do ? They don't carry as many marks as the TMAs, but if you are a borderline student you can't afford not to take them seriously. The other problem is if you are the type of person who works right up to the deadline, having the TMA and iCMA cut off date on the same date shows somebody has planned this using no common sense :-)

The published dates so far are.....

TMA   01       7%        29 Oct
iCMA  41       7%10 Dec
TMA   02      15%10 Dec
iCMA  42       7%11 Feb
TMA   03      20%11 Feb
iCMA  43       7%18 Mar
TMA   04      15%18 Mar
iCMA  44       7%6 May
TMA   05      15%6 May 


Harleyjack Muckell said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon the site, it seems that we are doing the same courses at the same time! The icma is basically an online test with multiple choice, true/false, and blank spaces answers. The great thing about them is that you get scores straight away so no anxious waiting! :)

The Accidental Student said...

Hi, thanks for the information, is the icma timed in anyway - if not surely there is no excuse for not getting everything right on the icma. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough, just now I'm more interested about waiting on the DD203 results.