Tuesday, 2 May 2017

DD306 - Living Political Lives - A diplomatic mission

guten Abend,

Somebody had to do it...... so I am here in Germany trying to repair a 'Teresa May' size hole in diplomatic relations.

It ain't gonna be easy, as she seems to have really fucked it up this time.

But I have helped the German economy to the tune of one schnitzel and fritz washed down with 3 beers (large) and I have apologised a lot.

It is indeed a strange year to have been studying politics.......



and now the MAYHEM election........

I can't repair European relations all on my own, there simply isn't enough beer........please . people of the UK please ask yourself this simple question......

Do you want a government by the rich for the rich, with local services slashed and food banks on the increase.....


A reasonable government asking the very rich to pay a bit more towards the UK government institutions and citizens that they rely on for their mega wealth, while looking after those most vulnerable.

It really is this simple

First lets get a government with a social conscience, once we have that we can tackle the BREXIT problem by abandoning it.

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