Tuesday, 30 May 2017

DD306 - Living Political Lives : Course Review

Well that is the end of my PPE, and almost 7 years of association with the Open University, but I suppose a reflection on the entire course should come later, this post will concentrate on DD306.

DD306, completed over 2 years due to a deferral after TMA04 in favour of an alternative project.

Looking back on what has been an amazing two years in terms of UK and international politics, DD306 really had little to offer in terms of adding to the debate or understanding of real politics.

The course broke down into.....

The Entry Room looked at the Cold War
Room 1 was Representing the people
Room 2 was Political Animals
Room 3 was Religion in Politics
Room 4 was Body in Politics
Room 5 was Violence in Politics

Can'r remember learning anything new from the Entry Room.
Can't remember anything from Room 1.
Political Animals was at best a philosophical discussion - a bit too abstract to be useful.
Religion in Politics, far too narrow a discussion - probably for fear of offending religious folk.
Body in Politics, more of a history lesson on how discriminated against sections of our community got rights.
Violence in Politics - lessons from history.

This course was not nearly as enjoyable as the Economics module, but preferable to another Philosophy module. I have received very good marks on all TMAs, which makes me question the rigour of the subject, but I can't really point to anything that I can take away from this course as a real eye opener or incredible learning experience.

It has just been about churning the TMAs out and getting the marks I require for the level of degree I wish, but even that seems a bit lacking of luster.

We its over now - just the EMA score to come, then the award of the degree.


Michael Brierley said...

Good luck and well done. I've just stumbled upon your blog. I'm currently on the path you were on.

Having completed DD101, and this year DD211, I'm stuck for choice over next years module. Going onto Stage 2, I've got the choice of A222 (Exploring philosophy) or DD209 (Running the economy). Both appeal to me greatly, and so the choice is made even harder.

Currently I am registered disabled (kidney disease and so I don't work - thus I have ample time TO study) but, in your opinion, is it possible to do? Or would you recommend sticking to the one module per year plan?

I've asked my tutor for guidance, he said to trust my ability (I've had mid 70s through to mid 80s on all TMA's over both years), but I'd appreciate the input from someone who's run the path before.

Thanks [in advance]! Mike.

The Accidental Student said...

Hi Mike,

Looking back I loved DD209, A222 was interesting but a bit hit and miss depending on the subject.

I managed to fit in the study around a full time job, so if you are disciplined there is no reason why you couldn't do two courses at the same time at level 2. Not sure it would be a good idea at level 3, especially as the two end of year projects would clash.

It depends if you are in a rush to finish - doing one course at a time will give you more time for extra readings and deeper thought. It also depends on what mark you want at the end, you sound as though you are on the cusp of 1st to 2:1, and if the end result is really important it would be a shame if some TMAs were rushed.

Anyway, good luck, and when you do DD209 it would be worth looking at the blog posts then - although as we were the first course we were picking up quite a lot of problems, so hopefully they have sorted those now.

Best wishes

Michael Brierley said...

Thanks for your response, it has helped me - swayed me even - towards my choice. Whilst I have ample time to study, it would perhaps be best if I focused on one thing at a time.

The Accidental Student said...

Hi Mike,

Glad to have been of help, I hope it all goes well for you and you enjoy the rest of the course.

Best wishes,