Wednesday, 4 November 2015

DD306 : Living Political Ideas - TMA01 Marked and Returned

Well I have had my first TMA for DD306 marked and returned, and without a doubt this TMA has received the most thorough tutor scrutiny and advice of any course I have done so far.

It was a high Pass2, which I am very pleased with considering this has been the most disorganised and panicked approach to a TMA I have ever attempted. Most importantly it keeps me on track for an overall Pass2 which is my target for this course.

The assessment summary filled most of the space available and was full of good points, encouragement and advice, I usually just get a couple of lines saying 'good essay, but you could have brought in such and such a theory or  mentioned so and so an author', so this amount of feed back is a real step change.

Also, the actual essay was full of comments and suggestions, every paragraph was commented on and my tutor appears to have gone through the essay with a  fine tooth comb.

It has changed my opinion of the amount of time tutors should take to mark TMAs and I can see how if he has devoted this amount of time to every student that we can not expect to get them back within 48 hours.

So all in all a good first result, happy with the TMA mark and extremely happy with the input from my tutor - motivation has been restored, lets get reading.......

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