Sunday, 22 November 2015

DD306 : Living Political Ideas - Great start to TMA02 - Pt 2

Ah, the dissection of Dahl and Madison did not go well. Couldn't get a thread of legitimacy from Madison, which is a shame as he has a lot to say and was well covered in the on-line texts and exercises, but I just wasn't feeling it from him.

Machiavelli on the other hand practically writes itself. It won't be particularly original as I think it has all been covered before, but Machiavelli makes many points on legitimacy, and makes them well.

So, I am now committed to Machiavelli and Dahl, and currently at 1800 odd words, which is a real surprise as I still have the summary and conclusion to write.

This will be done by end of play Monday and will be my earliest ever TMA submission..... maybe :-)

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