Saturday, 11 April 2015

DD309 : Doing economics: people, markets and policy - Week 25

Week 25 – Block 5: TMA week

1.1 Block 5 TMA week
Read DYEP: Econometrics, Sections 6–8
Complete TMA 05

Complete TMA05...... easier said than done. In my opinion, considering the difficulty that a great deal of people seem to be having with econometrics, the questions for TMA05 is less than helpful and left me questioning both the results and theory before my tutor confirmed I was heading in the right direction.

Tackling this TMA has been a case of back to basics, in that the TMAs 02 and 04 have been re-visited along with the econometric tutorials and examples from this module and I think I have enough to be getting on with. It feels like a bit of a re-hash of the previous econometrics TMAs with a bit of theory thrown in, but if that is what they want then........ I'll get re-hashing.

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