Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Typical timing, pre-ordered book arrives just as course starts

Absolutely typical.
I ordered "Population Wars" by Dr Greg Graffin (of Bad Religion and UCLA/Cornell University) months ago on pre-order and due to various changes in the estimated release dates I have completely lost track of when it was due to arrive, so typically, it arrived on Monday - just as DD306 starts and so after a fairly literature free summer I now have lots of reading to do for the course as well as wanting to get into this book.

Having read, and really enjoyed, his previous book "Anarchy Evolution", which I read the summer before I did A222, Phylosophy, and which actually came in really useful for the section about religion and god and was cited in my TMA, I am looking forward to an equally interesting read.
I just need to organise my time a bit better......... but isn't that always the case :-(

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