Friday, 30 September 2016

DD306 : Living Political Lives - Tutorial Shambles

Well it is the day before the course starts and still no news via the Open University website regarding when the tutorials are.

The website says,

DD306 Tutorial Dates

Your schedule of tutorials and day-schools is not yet available (if your module offers this type of study support). Please check again before your module starts.

This is simply inexplicable!

Why is it so difficult to tell people, at the very least, when and where the first tutorial is?

The Open University appear to be under the impression that now we have signed up for the course this is our only commitment in life, and we can therefore drop everything at the last minute to attend a tutorial which will be announced at the 11th hour.

Considering that there are so few face to face tutorials, you'd think they'd try and give as much notice as possible to enable people to attend.

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