Thursday, 31 January 2013

DD203 - Power, Dissent, Equality : Where's my TMA03 mark !

TMA03 was handed in, before the deadline, 14 days ago and still nothing from my tutor, this is very off putting and distracting.

I do think that the course would be better time-tabled if there was a week's break/grace between the TMA deadline of one section and the start of the next. Admittedly this would add 6 weeks to the overall course length and the exams would then be mid-August to early September, but it would give people a week to reflect on the last part of the course without the pressure of the TMA distracting them, and it would mean we should get TMA marks back nefore we are too far into the next section of the course.

Oh well, with any luck it will be back today..... tomorrow,..... over the weekend.... next week.....

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