Wednesday, 19 July 2017

OU PPE Course Review

So I have the results of my 6 courses and am just waiting on the final award being made.

DD101: Introduction to OU study and Social Science. Not the most exciting course and at times a bit pedestrian, but it was vital in developing essay writing skills and study technique.

A222: Philosophy was not my favourite choice so decided to get it out of the way quickly. Reasonably interesting, but not earth shattering, highlight was that it had a good section on political philosophy. The exam at the end was difficult and I think I had some bad advice on exam technique, and as a result probably under performed on the exam.

DD203: Politics: Really enjoyed all of this. Great stuff and a good tutor. Exam wasn't too much of a drama.

DD209: First time out for this course and it had some issues - poor website and errors in text, which when doing formula is a real problem. The content however was really interesting. The main problem for me as that as a first ever exam they had one example practice exam and some of those questions or very close to them ended up in the real exam. I'd gambled that they wouldn't do this so concentrated on other parts of the course.

DD309: Another great economics course. No exam, but the project at the end was really intense. It helped that I found an idea to pursue that really panned out, and allowed me to disprove an existing idea (for the data I had) and propose an alternative point of view.

DD306: A mixed course, highs and lows. I somehow managed to completely miss judge the final project and to a spectacular extent, which is extremely disappointing.

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