Sunday, 27 December 2015

DD306 : Living Political Ideas - Playing catch up while spinning loads of plates.



Well, Merry Christmas everybody, as you can see from the previous automated posts I have been somewhat distracted over the past month.

Life just gets busier. At least the house extension is nearing completion and from the 21st Dec we have been able to access and use most of the house again, which was important as we have guests over Xmas and it feels great not to be confined just to the kitchen and a bedroom, which made studying almost impossible.
Mid-December I found out that I have been accepted as a speaker at an international conference in America around Easter. This is great news but means that a presentation must be written and papers submitted before the end of January. 

On top of all this, my other pet writing project is also gathering speed and needs a lot of work to be really for first presentation in February.

As to this course, I have competed Week 1, and pretty much understand the arguments around the boundary issues between human and non-human. Now try and crack weeks two and three out in the couple of days I have off work between now and New Year.

Feels like I have a load of plates spinning at once......

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