Friday, 15 February 2013

DD203 - Power, Dissent, Equality : Chatted to my tutor - things clearer now.

My tutor offered to chat through some things over the phone as I was unable to attend the recent tutorial.

It is strange, but even the act of preparing for the phone call by writing certain things down that had seemed confused, these things then seemed to come clearer.

It was also very interesting to talk to somebody who has apparent absolute clarity of thought on this subject, they were able to draw meaning from my ideas and represent what I had said to them back to me in a far clearer why that I had been able to.

The TMA now seems so much less daunting, and I am much happier with the "theory as a toolbox, ideology as the workbench" metaphor - just need to add in the craftsman, materials, design and output and that metaphor pretty much sorts itself out.

Also, we discussed the relationship and interchangeability of theory and ideology across class, time and meaning.

So this phone call was probably more use than the tutorial that I missed, so now to get on and write the TMA.

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